The MycoCarrier technology utilizes spherical mycelium to transform easily accessible food and agricultural byproducts into nutritious, sustainable, and high-value products and ingredients.

Our products and ingredients are created to address some of the greatest challenges in the industry. From crafting healthy fat replacements for alternative protein products and making nutrients more bioavailable, to making cultured caviar to save a species and reduce the negative environmental impact of an industry. In short, our proprietary platform allows us to harness, tune, and improve on the amazing capabilities of mycelium, achieving sustainable solutions to a wide range of food and ingredient challenges that the world faces today.

One process:


Food for fungi

Our feedstock is created using otherwise unutilized byproducts from the agricultural and food sectors.


Using bioreactors to continue the growth we closely monitor the process and can adjust the size, color, and texture.


Once the cultivation process is complete and the mycelium pellets (biomass) are harvested, we finish the production process and the final product or ingredient is ready for use.

The Future of Food

The final products enable our customers to enjoy delicious, nutritious, and sustainable foods and ingredients.

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