By starting with high-quality caviar, we are demonstrating the potential of our scaffold and the potential for cultured meat to create delicious and nutritious foods that meet the needs and expectations of consumers, while also contributing to a more sustainable food system. Our goal is to not only revolutionize the food industry but also set a new standard for responsible and ethical food production.


Even though wild sturgeon can live for more than a century in a healthy state, they require a minimum of 10-15 years to reach maturity before their eggs can be harvested for caviar. The high demand for this delicacy has resulted in the over-fishing of sturgeon, leading to the classification of all 26 species as endangered. As a solution, sturgeons are now being farmed through aquaculture, which involves over a decade of labor, feed, and water resources, culminating in the killing of the fish and the harvesting of their eggs. With Cultured Caviar we are re-imagining this delicacy and how it is produced. We can deliver premium caviar in just 1 month, with a fraction of the resources, in a more sustainable way and without the fish.


Our production process starts with the living cells from a Sturgeon.
Our team carefully identifies optimal cells from the sample based on their predictable and consistent growth. This process of selecting superior cells and establishing a cell line is known as immortalization, which enables long-term use of the cell line, reducing the need for future animal cell sampling.


Once our cell-line is established we place them in a cultivator where they attach to our edible MycoCarrier™ scaffold. The cultivator maintains the right temperature and oxygen levels and provides the cells with the nourishment they need to grow and mature. The MycoCarrier™ not only provides the structure for the cells to grow but is also an important part of the final product as it edible and provides the right texture and mouthfeel of traditional high-end caviar.


Once the cells have matured on the scaffold, they are ready to be harvested. We remove them from the cultivator and just like traditional caviar, they are salted (with our special salt) to enhance their delicious flavor.


When Cultured Caviar touches your tongue, you will notice the remarkably smooth dissolve, the buttery notes, and the nutty undertones. You may taste and smell hints of seaweed, light saltiness, and a clean fresh finish.



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