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For a more sustainable, affordable, and delicious future.

Harnessing the power of Biology to make better, more sustainable foods.

We believe that cellular agriculture represents the future of sustainable food production. With our edible mycelium scaffold, we are unlocking the cultivated meat category and transforming how healthy and sustainable foods are produced at scale. This platform allows us to deliver on the promise of cultivated meat and launch a premium, delicious product immediately at price parity, while expanding product lines and bio-manufacturing offerings across the value chain.

Our Tech

A cost-effective and well-suited scaffold that facilitates efficient bench-scale and scale-up cell culture experiments. Learn more about the future of food!



Cultured Caviar is efficiently and sustainably produced and allows you to enjoy this luxury staple without the fish. 


Our TeAM

Over 30 years of experience in biotech, venture, branding, and product development, with a shared goal of building a more sustainable future.


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“We are on a mission to create better, more sustainable foods for the future, starting with cell-cultured caviar.”

Our News


Startup of the Month: Optimized Foods

Optimized Foods, a Davis-based food tech startup, has created a new kind of caviar that is sustainable, nutritious and, most notably, fish-free.

This California company grows caviar in a lab. It looks good, but how does it taste?

A UC Davis-affiliated start-up called Optimized Foods is trying to take the next step with cultured caviar, otherwise known as lab-grown caviar.

Cultivated Caviar Will Provide a More Sustainable (and Affordable) Way to Indulge

Optimized Foods has developed cultivated caviar, one of the foods that is of course, most closely associated with luxury.
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