An edible and animal-free microcarrier and scaffold solution in one.   

The MycoCarrier™ is a cost-effective and well-suited microcarrier scaffold that facilitates efficient bench-scale and scale-up cell culture experiments for various cell types. It provides the structure and support to attachment, proliferation, and differentiation of cells.  



Benefits of the MycoCarrier™

Better Growth

4x increase in surface area for cell growth using spherical pellets.

Better Biology

Platform enables enhancement, evolution, and engineering.

Better Cost Efficiency

Edible scaffold reduces the need for additional processing costs

Better Scalability

Proven ability to scale up in bioreactors at industrial scale.

Better for the Planet

The mycelium-based scaffold is edible and 100% biodegradable.


Please contact us to enquire about our MycoCarrier™ kit and to learn more about why our MycoCarrier™ scaffold is the optimal choice for cultured meat and biomedical applications.

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